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Chris and Briana own and operate Marshall’s Auto Body & Paint in McMinnville, OR. Their racing career began in the mud, back in 2002, and with Chris’s need for speed, in 2010 they progressed to a Pro Nostalgic Fiat Altered. In 2011, Chris was voted “Rookie of the Year and in 2014 won the championship!

A Partnership Begins

In 2014, Chris worked on a custom project for Alan and Donna Mascord, a ’56 Chevy Belair. During that process, Alan and Chris got to know each other and with their shared love of drag racing, a partnership was formed to build and field a competitive TAFC race car With the engine from the Fiat and an investment from Alan and Donna, work began.

A rolling funny car was purchased from the east coast, with a fiberglass 2006 Mustang body. Clint Thompson, a friend and successful TA/FC owner, along with Ronn Boehlke, brought the car up to current NHRA safety standards and ready to be certified. 2015 was spent working out the bugs and this rookie year ended with us number 35 Nationally out of more than 50 cars.


Improvement & Sucsess

2016 saw more improvements to our program and more success on the track — our first “Wally” in the Seattle Regional. That year ended with us 26 Nationally and 6 in our Western Region.

2017 saw us switch to a new, lighter Camaro body helping us be even more competitive. Our second “Wally” was won in Mission, BC, that June. A highlight of the year was being invited to the Chicago JEGS All-Star event where we went all the way to the final round, losing only due to a mechanical glitch. That year we ended up 14th Nationally and 3 in our Western Region.


2018 was our breakout year, starting in February at the Winternationals by running 5.365 sec. in qualifying, the second quickest run in TAFC history. We added 4 more Wally’s — our first National win in Seattle and Regional wins in Mission, BC, Seattle, and Las Vegas. We clinched the Western Regional Championship and ended up 4 Nationally!

We are able to maintain our number 4 position nationally in 2019. And then Covid hit and, without sponsorship, we were unable to run a full schedule. The Southern states were not as 'Locked Down' allowing us to run a number of Midwest Drag Racing Series events, winning a few races and ultimately winning the championship in 2022.

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